Campaign designated for Hi Tor Animal Shelter Treat and Transform effort

The Rockland Community Foundation has launched a fundraising initiative dedicated to support the Hi Tor Animal Shelter’s, “Treat and Transform” emergency response to an outbreak of Microsporum canis (ringworm), a highly contagious fungus that has affected the shelter’s cat population.

“The fund was established to ensure that members of the community, who have expressed a desire to provide the necessary financial support for this specific effort, can feel confident their donations are going directly towards the Treat and Transform project,” explained Susan Lynne, the Foundation’s Development Director. “The fund will be restricted which means it can only be used to cover the unexpected expenses associated with Hi Tor’s efforts to effectively treat the large number of cats that have been affected."

“We are so grateful to the Rockland Community Foundation for helping us get through this complicated issue,” said Debbie DiBernardo, President, Hi Tor Board of Directors. “This has been a difficult time, but the Foundation, like so many others from our community, has come forward to help. We live and work in a remarkably compassionate community.” 

The fungus outbreak has forced Hi Tor to relocate and treat a large number of cats away from the shelter. This process includes cleaning the shelter structure itself to eradicate the fungal infection.

Rockland County has donated use of its Sain Building in New City to enable the creation of a separate treatment site, and the shelter has brought in several trailers to implement the treatment process while the building is cleaned. The goal is to restore health to the shelter population and ensure that infected animals are not placed in adoptive homes until they receive a clean bill of health.

Microsporum canis, which can be transmitted by direct contact or contact with contaminated objects or surfaces, is not lethal, but treatment is lengthy. The shelter continues to receive support from veterinarians from throughout the region, as well as from surrounding shelter services and animal foster families and rescue groups.

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